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Full Version: Not usual way (NUW) videos
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Hi, everybody.

I'm trying to make videos of TOS, and I hope it could be useful for someone.

I called it "Not usual way" (NUW), for easy searching. Why is this? I know there are a lot of great good youtubers for TOS like (VVVTOS) and (Hatsune Miku)

but I wanted to make videos with decks more easily to find or for not high levels players.

This is my description in youtube:

Quote:I will post videos about the game Tower of Saviors (TOS)

I'm not a higher level player (I guess, ~100-107) but I could get through soulmaster mission like The Slepinir and When Twilight Fades (sadly I didn't record it Sad, but I have screenshots), so I wanted to make videos for people that can do things without very powerful decks. You can do this too, guys Smile So, I will tag my videos with: Not usual way (NUW). I know I'm not a pro player, but I'm going Smile.


I know there are betters ways to do the things, but well, it's another one for people out there Smile

Hope you enjoy it Smile

My channel:

List of my videos:

Soulmaster Stages:
Amelioration Stages:
Hahaha nice job fast forwarding. Noone wants to watch a tumbler battle in real time lol. You are pretty good spinner, especially impressed by how you deal with the weathered runes.
Hahaha, thanks for your comment, narfmaster, is good to read a good feedback Smile

I made a second video for the Daesung's grandmaster here:

I will edit my first post with the list of my videos Smile
I have two new videos:

Idun's Amelioration lvl 4:

Verdandi's Amelioration lvl 4:

Hope you enjoy it Smile
New video:

Tower of Saviors - Garden of Headstones - Clash of Wizards (NUW)
New video!

Tower of Saviors - Murmurs of the Monarch - GM (extra) (NUW)
New video Smile

Tower of Saviors - Dazzle of the Star - Earth GM (NUW)
New videos!

Tower of Saviors - The Evil Controller (SM) (NUW) [3 diamonds]

Tower of Saviors - Dazzle of the Star - Light (GM) (NUW)

Tower of Saviors - Dazzle of the Star - Dark (GM) (NUW)

Tower of Saviors - Oath of the Faceless God (SM) (NUW) [2 diamonds]

Tower of Saviors - The Astro Maiden (GM) [Rare Drop Xi!] (NUW)

Sorry for being late Sad
Naise . Keep it up bro