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Full Version: PQOW question
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Does PQOW protect from reflect damage? An instance would be the 15% reflect damage done by Luminmetallic Dragon (light ancient dragon) in the fight (I play War of Dragons so that's the special two week fight).

I beat master quite easily with my near maxed fire mono (all maxed except Medea at 89 and Achilles at 70) but fear dying on the burst if I do a Tyr or Poppy ally. All help is appreciated!

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Do you mean PQOW's active or leader skill?
If its the leader skill, a tumbler team would probably never deal enough damage to die from its own reflect. Active skill I'm not too sure, never tested it.
The leader skill =) if HP is above 50% the next damage received won't kill you. My apologies!

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I can normally do anywhere from 1-2M (depending how my combos go) damage with my fire mono, I just fear bad luck.

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Should be fine with your fire mono. Of course tumbler can work and its pretty safe, you dont have to fear dying from your own reflect, but it'll be quite the grind.