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Full Version: (ADVICE Needed) What to do this weekend
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So I started the game a couple days ago... farmed the dark map while it was bonused, completed Seal 3. Stuck at Seal 4 1st stage of water (cant beat boss). Confused whats the best way to go about the game now.

If I need to get my units lvled, whats the best thing to focus on this weekend? I understand the witches theory... is doing the dark map for dark witches then switching to half stam maps for witch feed the best for me now?

Acct lv 42

Cards are:

Loki 5* lv 35
Artemis 5* lv 32
Dark Gnome 3* lv 12
Dark Stav 4* lv35 Max
Pollux 5* lv 18
Play transmigration everyday and get soulstones they help a lot as well
Personally on the weekend I would probably be recommending you to do the greedy /golden day levels, as they will give u coins which I found that I was constantly short on when I first started the game. They also allow your account to level faster to fit in bigger sized teams that you will need to evolve key cards like loki and pollux. You can always go back to farming witches during the week.

Good luck!

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He can't do golden day with mono dark lol. Just follow the bonus for seal 3 till your cards get leveled up.
Thanks guys I will continue grinding + do the relic stuff.
If you still have time do greedy day just went from lvl 45 - lvl 56 without running out of stamina. Mono dark team is good, the restriction is no light not no dark.