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Full Version: Tower of Saviors / War of Dragons download help???
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hi guys so my cousin in taiwan is playing tower of saviors and im trying to get into the american version of it but all i find in the ios app store is War of dragons is this the right version? the only tower of savior version are in chinese or korean any clarity would help thanks
download it from iTunes
i know that but there are like 3 different versions and none of them are in english for me other than War of dragons, im wondering which one is the right one for me thats best updated and in english
Create an itunes account from another nation such as (china, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand...etc, and you should be able to find the English version tos.
P.S don't waste ur time on war of dragons.
War of Dragons is not what you want. The English version says "Tower of Saviors" only.
if you download from itune you may need to change region in itune store from taiwan to singapore so there is tos in english.
thank you guys very much i got the hong kong version in english ^^