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Full Version: Question about This week seal card event.
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This week l is higher chance for dark cards from diamonds especialy Artemis and shen gongbao. Higher chance that i can get Dragon Spirit - Dark too ?
And question about boss of The Cat Dukes Fiens Squad Light - Isabell the Black Window can protect me from Boss Contratack ? or maybe i can freze him with Urd frezing skill and not get contratacked ?
For the first question

Since it is dark week, basically ALL dark cards have a higher chance of getting. However, the chances are SO LOW to get Dark DS, I wouldn't recommend trying to draw him now. Perhaps you should try and wait for his special day. ((Idk how to phrase it lol))

For the second question

Isabell and Urd does not protect you from the Boss' reflect attack. So you either burst or play safe.

Hope this helps. Smile

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Yes thank you Smile
Hope i have litle luck Smile i have good Dark mono with Loki , Pollux , GSoD, Gargoile, Baphomet, Todd but they all low level
Good luck..try to one burst the boss..