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Full Version: Mosasaur
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Hi all. Yesterday i got mosasaur from the one time clearance event, but i dont know monsters that need him to Power release. I had already the Archemantride of water. Anyone have some suggestion?

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So far the only cards that can be power released with momasaur is GSOA, and Ethereal dragons.
If you dont need any of those cards now, it would be a good idea to keep the pr mat first. But if you're a dragon team player, it would be recommended to power release one of the ED, especially Dark ED.
Im confused, what are the ethereal dragons? I dont know them, have you a screenshot of one of theese?

Ok i only have the red one, but i have already a complete dragon team

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No, you have the Light ED, Tulzcha, don't you? PR-ing that gives Tulzcha mass defense ignore.

The other ones are Dagon, Cthugha, Byakee, and Faugn.
Ah you're right! I Power released it right now [attachment=3878]
It's so cute *.*