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Full Version: Novalis Strategy
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Am I playing him right? He seems to hurt me more than he helps me. What am I missing?

Here are my Dragon cards,

Dragon Follower - Novalis 6*
Seth God of War 6*
Luminosaurus 5*
Tulzscha the gaseous form 5*

I slap them all on a team with Tulzscha as leader and I'm off to the races. The white dragons do about 1500 x 2 damage, Seth does 850 x 2 and Novalis does 700 x 2. So good so far.

Most of the dragons have cool direct attacks as their active ability. Nice! So, when I trigger Novalis' active ability, I understand that all dragons are zeroed out and Novalis' attack becomes 3050 x 2. Seems like I really haven't gained anything except lumping all the dragon power into one guy.

But now, all of the other dragon active abilities are zeroed out, so I can't do any more direct attacks and it seems like I am losing overall firepower.

What am I missing here? How do I abuse Novalis and make a crushing deck?

For the record, here's the rest of my dark cards,

Necromancer Endor 5
Dark Sword Paladin 4
Kid Baphomet 4
Little Isabell 4
Alma the Ruthless Assassin 5
You need an Dragon Spiritor - Ursula as an ally! Ursula's active copies Novalis's damage to all of your other dragon cards = multiplying your total damage by 6 for two turns.

Yes, most of your attack actives will be zeroed (with the exception of Tulzcha/Faugn), but there are a lot of special shields against which attack actives won't work at all, so the trade off is worth it.

Usually with only one Ursula in a team, you would save Novalis and Ursula for the last or second to last round. If you’re filling a slot with a non-dragon temporarily, I would recommend subbing in Baphomet as you'll need the dark runes. I would also recommend phasing out Seth and Luminosaurus once you obtain better dragons.
Wow. I just allied with an Ursula and, with Novalis as the leader, I blew through one of the Paladin levels (still need the damn green one) like it was butter. Most of the damage was done, however, by Novalis' 300% for 6-rune combos (and 200% for Ursala and 75% for a sixer) and the fact that I was a four-color team so every turn I could make a sixer of one of my colors.

Then, as you suggested, I fired off Novalis and Ursala's powers and took the final Paladin out with one hit. Still no Paladin drop, though.
you will also need the evil gargoyle to convert light runes to dark runes. it is crucial before 6.0 to make using novalis easier.

with the new patch, you might want to consider using PR dark ed as both leader and ally, so that heart runes can also translate to dark damage, making using novalis even much easier
I've already got Baphomet and Alma that change light runes to dark runes.
Dragons are not easy to play unless you have the core cards.
The 3 most important ones are Dark DS, Water DS, and dark golem.

You need golem to supply you with dark runes and Water DS to burst.

Baphomet and Alma dont have the cut, cause you're looking at a dragon team here, dont put anything that isnt dragon in there.
you can get away with 1 or 2 heart to dark converters that aren't dragons. Unfortunately, the rest of your dragons aren't heart converters or damage boosters, and will severely limit the damage you can do
Alas, I seem to be running into that exact problem when I play this game. People say that I can't make a good whatever deck because I lack several specific cards. And, as far as I can tell, there is no way to earn or buy those specific cards and I just have to wait until I get one by pure luck through diamonds.
Well this is meant to be a so-called "long-term" game. You won't be getting like a perfect team unless you have exceptional luck or are spending a lot of money. Try to only draw during weeks with bonuses on cards you're aiming for to increase chances of drawing what you need. Also try not to be tempted to draw everytime you have diamonds, it's something a lot of newer players struggle with.

To be honest you might want to consider running a dark mono instead as you seem to have most of the team members. You might want to shelf your dragon team till you draw a water DS or golem.
Really? I always thought that Dark was my weakest color. Other than the burst Dragon deck, I don't see that my Dark cards really pack much of a punch.

I'm leaning towards Blue as my go-to color, with Carrie, Troy, Elizabeth and Wen Zhong.

Maybe it's time again to post my whole card list and let the experts have a shot at crafting a solid deck.
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