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Full Version: Leveling shield skill
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Hi Guys,
Is it possible to level GSOE Shild skill using Crystal Egg and Little Crystal Dragon? I tried once to level my GSOE lvl 7 skill using 1 Crystal Egg and 1 Little Crystal Dragon but it didn't increase.
Any ideas?
keep feeding, it'll AMELIORATE eventually. XD
Is it more effective if I feed more than 2 at a time or should I use 2 several times?
1~5 it depends how fast you want to levels gsoe.
Keep feeding 5 if you want to maximize your times or feed 1 by 1 to minimize your eggs dragon.
Sometimes when lady luck struck feeding 5 at a time can give you 2 or more skl lv up.
What is the current level of your GSoE? If it is not far from its maximum level you should not try to feed as the chances to increase its skill level will decrease the more it is leveled.