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Full Version: Got All Enchatresses
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Okay, my first draw Was Circe. A few days later I got Medea. A month goes by and finally I draw Troy.

What can I do with them? Is there a hidden bonus for using them all? Their abilities seem to fight each other (i.e., Circe gives 150% recovery bonus, but Troy zeroes out any recovery. And Medea causes me 150% damage, which is bad with no recovery).

Is there any reason to use them all together? I mean, they each work great in other teams built for their abilities, but it just feels like I should be able to use them all together.

you just got some of the most op cards in the entire game...
basically use them as high risk damage boosters. instead of bursting for a turn, you pretty much do massive damage all the time once you activate them. you don't have to use them together, like you can use them for their respective mono decks. so in your case, replace the light dd with cassandra.

the point of no recovery/150% damage is that you're not supposed to get hit once you activate them. you're supposed to melt through all and every enemy with overwhelming damage before they can hit you. for that reason, don't use them in stages with initial damage, initial attack shields, or bombs.
No offense intended but they're not really good for a newbie.
Firstly, they need a ton of experience to max, and you'll need at least a viable farming team to feed them properly.
Secondly, the team cost for each enchantress is not low compared to most non seal bosses and you won't be able to fit in all of them into your team yet.
Thirdly, there's a lot more mechanics now which prevent you from just using damage to brute force the stage.
Lastly, you'll need a good leader for them such as Santa, PKOE/Hertz, V6.0 Hook and maybe Trojan leaders like Gemini and Shen Gong Bao.

But congrats in advance, because they'll give you more options once you're more advanced.
actually i got by my newbie period with a enchantress team , and i agree its not newbie friendly . however , i would give u some advice .

1) draw till u get a decent leader
2) stop and save some diamonds
3)use all ur diamonds on soulstones battles , on thursdays to sunday , farm zodiac
4) do not attempt weekly battles until ur enchantresses are at least level 50 in 6* form

trust me on point 4
in my time, pkod and pkoe are good leaders but now they are redundant , u could try farm them though
Good advice. I do have two cards mentioned as good leaders; PKOD and Hertz. I tend to use Wen Zhong as my leader as Circe's ability seems to mesh well with Wen and Jaing as an ally.

And, I do seem to use all of my stamina these days on Soulstone battles and Zodiacs.

Quick question: If Wen Zhong is my leader, do ALL of my teammates have to be Blue and White for the ability to work at all? Or does his bonus only apply to the Blue and White cards?
Only blue and white cards, he don't give any bonus to other cards, the description of leader skill is translated wrong
Lol jzy and wz wont be good leaders
Really? I thought that 937.5% on all attacks was kind of a good thing.
Using WZ will give you bursting issue, there is no runes convertor suitable for water and light runes and you need to constantly dissolved light, blue and heart runes for that extra 50% chance of getting your 900+% attack (Not sure if both 50% stack giving you 100% chance)

Better to use 625% with runes convert so there can be a superb burst then WZ team.

If you don't get what i mean i will gladly explain it in more detail why WZ team will not out damage a mono team with convertor.
(05-22-2014, 02:09 AM)Bing de Mouse Wrote: [ -> ]Really? I thought that 937.5% on all attacks was kind of a good thing.

It's 937.5% ONLY for blue and white cards. Pretty sure I explained this the last thread. There's not enough text space on the card to write blue and white cards ONLY.
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