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Full Version: need your help to choose a starter
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well i m really tired of getting Fox i tried over 400 times and nothing so i need your advice on the starter to choose i got theese ))
2- hertz ( seems very good ) (isn t it like Pkoe ? )
4-dragon the sire of deep ones
6-little lotus

well i want to add that
1 i m not bad at doing combo ))
2 i don t want to rely on diamond seal cards
so which one is good ??

Thanx for your help in advance ))
by the way those are already binded accounts Tongue
Tyr is the best of the lot... but ud have to draw a fire team for him... if you really want to pick something that will go w anything u draw... then hertz.... I say tyr though. Norse is ideal right now.

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Thanx PsychoticSoul it s really hard to make a decision
i really don t know the probleme with tyr is to rely a little on luck to draw good fire cards but with hertz all are good lol
One thing to note: was your starter card duncan in the tyr account? If so, you get a free pkoe to fall back on if tyr doesnt work out. Its inferior to hertz, but itll get u a decent ways.

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