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Full Version: Need help on which card to use
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Hi, i am new at level50, but i will try to lvling asap. I just drew 20 diamond seal cards. I need advice which card or team to use. I really need some suggestions. Below are all my cards :

Earth Stavrophore
Dragon Spiritor - Dark
Dragon from the dark side
Great Schema of Dark
Deepdark Elf
Water Paladin
Dragon from the misty side
Earth Rassaphore
Jadeite Golem
Armstrong the Cities Taker x2
Dagon the sire of Deep Ones
The Tribal Chief
Persephone the Harvest Maiden
Princess of Kolchis
The Doubtful Samurai
Aquatic Stavrophore
Little Medusa
Hertz the Spirit Walker
The Merry Puppy x2
Fortune Teller Verdandi
Byakhee the interstellar being
The Queen of Sarmatians
Carrie the Phantom Dancer
Spellbinder Molly
Hertz + 2 enchantress (princess of kolhis, queen of sarmatians) + armstrong city taker + ?

Replace ? With any card you want. In future it can be princess of troy.