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Full Version: Wen and Jiang
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Okay, so my favorite team these days is led by my 6* Wen Zhong and I like to grab 6* Jiang Ziya as my ally.

So, is my math correct as to what happens with my team? Let's say that my team is just those two and each one has a base attack of 1000.

If I make one set of three white runestones, Jiang attacks for 1000.

If I make one blue and one white set of three, they each attack for 1250 for making two combos.

If I make one white, one blue, and one green, Wen kicks in to make the attack x250% and Jiang kicks in 250% and three Combos kicks in another 50%, making each one attack for 9,375.

And, if I make one white, one blue, and one heart combo, the numbers go up an additional 100% (for hearts), for an attack of 18,750 each (plus some amount of HP restore).

So, a full team of five (white and blue only) with attacks of 1000 each could do 93,750 each round just for scoring a white, blue, and pink combo. And the damage goes up from there for longer and more rune sets.

This looks staggeringly good. Or am I missing something?
One white one blue one heart loses the 625% bonus because you need to break 3 different non heart elements.
Breaking one white one blue one non heart one heart gives you 100% chance to get 50% more damage which will bring it up to 937.5%
So if you can consistently break 4 different elements of which 3 of them must be white blue and hearts then yes it's not too bad. That's why this deck needs plenty of converters. Not to mention most offensive converters remove your hearts. And wen Zhong active removes your hearts. Awkward to the max!
They have to be non-hearts? It doesn't say that in the description! That's pretty annoying. Do hearts count towards the regular combo bonus?

Still, I'll take 625%+ bonus all day.
Too much text to fit into the card. Combo bonus doesn't care which elements you break. If you like high attack bonus, then 900% decks should be better for you. If I'm not mistaken and that's Elizabeth in your signature, 900% Elizabeth teams are better, all day, every day.
Yes, that's Carrie. I seem to have a lot of women creatures in my inventory; Carrie, Elizabeth, Circe, Endor, Alma, Urd, Isabell, Marguerite, and Medea.

What's the basis of a 900% Carrie team? I am intrigued.
^ You must mean Elizabeth,only she has the leader skill that lets you reach 900%.

Basis for Dual Elizabeth teams are: Elizabeth + converter + converter + burst + converter/burst + Elizabeth.

For me my current Elizabeth setup is: Elizabeth + PR Molly + Troy/Carrie/Wen Zhong + GSOA + Captain Ice + Elizabeth.

I switch between Troy Carrie and WZ depending on the situation.
Yeah. I tend to get Carrie and Elizabeth mixed up. I don't have Molly, Troy, or GSOA. Who is Captain Ice? I do have some kind of duck that can convert runes.
^Captain Ice is the Water SS Duck.