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Full Version: Traveler's Memories
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What is that area for and what are atropieces for? Are there any nice cards to farm there?
They give you access to 18 different stages,6 from Investiture of Heavenly Kingdom,and 12 from the Zodiacs. Also you get 1 diamond from clearing the Master stages,18 in all. As for the Astropieces and Luminous Pearls,when you collect 10 of them you get access to the Extra stage,provided you cleared it's respective Master stage,first.

Clearing the Extra stages will give you extra rewards(As of this post,only applies to Zodiac stages. I heard from the others that clearing Investiture of Heavenly Kingdom doesn't give you extra rewards),besides the usual; they usually differ between stages. Some Extra stages reward you with Harpies,the others reward you with 4* Elves and etc.
wow almost 20 diamonds are just awesome, thx for the info neal =D
There are only 5 stages in the heavenly kingdom
^ My bad Tongue So that's 17 diamonds, then.