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Full Version: team for farming ss and evo mats
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what teams are good at farming soulstones and evolution materials? I find myself taking quite a long time killing soulstones and swords. Is there any trick? I am level 73 by the way.
Valkyrie as leader or ally,and Glut slime + 4 Heart converters if you have him.
Basically you need to have a valkyrie oas ally or leader, and the rest of your team must be such that dissolving one type of runes will set off all their attacks, such as mono team or glut slime team. if you would use a mono team, the best choice is obviously mono dark since valkyrie is a dark card and the best leader or ally for that team other than valkyrie would be artemis to make sure you have at all times many dark runes.
The team suggested are good.

I have another team, that's uncommon but very good for doing ss for low level

Using Greek Team.

All you need to do, is to dissolve 5 runes each time. This manner, u will clear fast based on the repeated damages.

Use this only if u have no better team

PS: this is extremely effective for those who want to do blackhole SS
I've recently switched to using this team, just match one set of runes each turn until actives pop up.

Glut Slime + Verd + PKOF + Valk + Queen Bee + ally

usually you'll clear first two stages before the 3 ignore defense skills pop up, which takes about 1.5 minutes for the entire run. If it takes too long and queen bee pops up as well, do full attacks for lots of individual hits.
Or use Santa if u have it helps with everything