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Full Version: Which are Useless Cards?
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Okay, my inventory is starting to fill up and I've got a bunch of cards that I never use nor do I ever see anyone offering them as allies. Maybe I just don't know enough about the game, but these cards seem fairly useless and was wondering if anyone has some good reasons to keep them. I'd appreciate any comments before I trash them.

Griffin: Seems weak and my white already has much healing.

Isabell, Yidhra, Marguerite: Elves are weak. The ability to make enemies attack each other seems redundant since I can usually kill them anyway. This just saves me a turn or two.

Hertz: It doesn't seem like the one-hit ability is worth it.

Alma: Seems weak, although the color changing for the runes might be useful. I have Baphomet.

Martial Master, Treasure Raider: Leader ability works 50% of the time once a week. WTF?

Elizabeth: She's got no HP, which the weakness of my blue team. And, I don't understand her ability (Full attack 150%, depending on # of enemies killed).

Carrie: She zeroes the attack on this turn but doubles it on the next. How is this better than two turns of attack?

Anything here worth salvaging?
Griffin: Heart converters are very important. Maybe if you make a proper light mono, you'll need it. Easier to max than JZY, and a shorter CD than PKoL. Can probably give you 3-4 full heals in the time it takes for PKoL to cool down. Reasonably common, but then again, so are Dark Golems and I still haven't gotten the dupe that I actually need >.>.

Isabel, Yidhra, Marguerite: If you get Diablo (SM boss), elves become OP. Isabel also useful for crowd control, will save you from OHKO plus bonus damage. Yidhra can be used to kill OHKO auto heal bosses, and Marguerite can actually be used to hit behind defense in the right situation. Lots of people taking on the current SM with a Diablo deck.

Hertz: Good leader skill, better stats than PKoE. If you can get used to the playstyle of 3-4 rune chains only, it's easily one of the best rainbow leaders. Ability just about doubles your attack for a round, so pretty good active too. Loads of people have these as allies, IDK who's on your friends list. Hertz+Enchantress+Daji decks beat the Diablo SM. A little out of date now, what with Santa decks and all, but Santa can't be drawn, so Hertz is your next best bet.

Alma: Better stats than Baphomet, saves your hearts. Can combo with Baphomet for burst or on own for healing+damage. Not a leader, usually a follower in a dark mono.

Martial Master + Treasure Raider: Leader skill stacks like Wen Zhong and JZY. Pair with another duck for guaranteed GSS. Otherwise better converters than the usual stuff, especially if you can max CD.

Elizabeth: Leader skill is v. powerful if you've got the cards to support a full on offensive glass cannon water mono. Otherwise, active means whole team's attack multiplied by 150%. For every enemy killed on that turn, the skill lasts another turn. So kill 3 enemies on that turn, get 3 more turns with 1.5x damage. Loads of people have these as leaders, but they're very hard to support. Usually need max CD Pisces or a couple of max CD Fight mode converters. Should keep this though. Good damage booster as a follower.

Carrie: If you have converters, damage multipliers, etc. you get the best result using them all at once. So one turn of doubled attack is much better if you're also filling the board with runes, using time tunnels, spiking damage, etc. on that turn. Her active works with any deck as well. Decent leader for a water mono.

My usual policy is to hold on to at least one of every plat. Everything else can go until I get more inventory space. You never know, maybe one day you'll get the other cards to form a really good deck with them.
Oh. You are wrong about almost cards))

Isabell and other newborn elves - core cards for diablo deck. Just level up them when you have such opportunity and wait Sm with diablo. Diablo deck has wonderful pissive skills which are rock!!!

Hertz - core card for rainbow teams. And good card for mono earth.

Alma - her active skill is much better then baphomet. Use her and you will have dark runes and heart runes. But active skill of baphomet can be level up with gnomes, and for alma you should use harpies or take part in many battles with this card.

Carrie and Elizabeth - these two girls are important leaders for mono water teams. Carrie better then new terror card because you should be very lucky to be able make 2 turns with bursts. Use carrie - activate her, use convertors, then rearrange runes and next turn - burst. Use carrie with beowulf.
active skill of Elizabeth will be useful if you can one-shot mobs at stage, which is previous to boss stage. For example, there are 3 mobs at previous stage. If you kill them one-shot, while active skill of eliz is turn on, then you will have bonus to attack for 3 turn at next round.
If you use elizabeth, I think you shouldn't include new terror card (water) in team. Use beowulf))

Treasure raider is analogue of alma for water cards. But end-game mono water decks include troy, when you use her active skill - you can't heal. So convertors to hearts are useless((( now I use gsoa and cthulhu - their active skills can be farmed with slimes and gnomes. These cards provide same ability as treasure raider.

PS anyway, you'd better save all cards form diamond seal, even if you don't use her in current time.
There are almost no truly useless cards in thia game. The metallic beasts are the most notable exception. Keep at least 1 of everything.

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Invest diamonds on inventory,
(05-08-2014, 08:07 AM)Xifansibai Wrote: [ -> ]Invest diamonds on inventory,

My words.

Good that you asked here in the forum. You were right on the way to sacrifice some of the very best cards. Exclamation
lol u sound really dumb, and wanting to thrash good cards .. unless u already have a imba team , but judging by ur ID and Sig , i bet that light water fusion cant beat any masters of the terror series .
advice from me , thrash those cards and u are thrash urself .

not flaming , but its just my honest opinion , cheers
Look at his ID, it's a newbie, no need to keep calling him names lol.
Anyway, best advice is to expand inventory and keep all cards that cannot be farmed.
@ [SG] Username

Calling somebody dumb is uncalled for. And especially if the guy had no idea about what is good and what isn't. And what's with criticizing his team? We all used to have teams like that once. Judging by his ID and his Siggy, you realize that he's just a newbie, right? It's either that or he just hadn't had much luck with his draws, so he improvised.

And if throwing good cards just because you didn't know it's good, is dumb, I'm pretty sure half the people from this forum would be labelled by your standard of 'dumb'.

Just pointing out that calling people 'dumb' might cause unintentional and unnecessary hurt to others. There are better words to use here than 'dumb' or 'trash'. This is a place to ask and answer questions.
(05-08-2014, 08:01 AM)PsychoticSoul Wrote: [ -> ]There are almost no truly useless cards in thia game. The metallic beasts are the most notable exception. Keep at least 1 of everything.

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Metallic shark's leader skill helped against Trial of Fire temple, like a mini Tefnut lol.
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