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Full Version: Level 4 free diamond pull
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When you reach lvl 4, using a new account you get free 5 diamonds right. Now I was just wondering, is that 1st free diamond pull fixed? As in you cannot get a plat card? Only gold below always?
All Diamond pulls are from the normal draw pool, you can always get a plat card. Its all about being really,really lucky.
Ah, don't worry; Happened to me too. Started a new account on the Chinese server, and the first 5 draws I did were all 4* or 3*, even got a duplicate within a few days of playing.

Thing is, don't be worried about getting bad draws from the start; Save up diamonds and use them for seal draws, and DON'T do a second draw if you get a bad card, I think they tend to be just as bad as the first one.

Anyway, GL on your future draws!
heard that if you buy diamonds, your chance of good platinum draws increases.
Also, I rage quit my last guild because I drew a string of bad diamond draws (dark week, yay). The second I quit, I drew the rest of my diamond seals and they were all useful platinums.
Coincidence? I think not. Next time you get bad draws = rage quit guild. Commence drawing. Profit.
If you're talking about the 1st draw pull from new account then you can get any cards except JTTW, i've never seen any new accounts getting JTTW cards (daji series cards)
You can get Eastern Gods from starter draw, my friend drew a fox and my cn account got a mighty king from the starter draw