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Full Version: eye spirit lvl up ability
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What does this card eye spirit do when using to lvl up?
Is there a list of special characters special ability when lvl up?
The eye spirits increase your target card's level by a fixed amount, regardless of the exp required.
An eye spirit, for example increases a card's level by 1
The Eye knight increases the level by 3,
and the final eye spirit, which hasn't been released yet, increases it by 5.

Because of their fixed level boost, it is best to use them on cards that are in their level 90s, where their exp curve is at their maximum, so its easier to max them out.
In addition to what hyperemix said, using the eye spirit will neglect what experience you already have on the card.

For example: using an eye spirit on a card at level 90, with 90% experience towards the next level, will just make that card level 91. On the other hand, feeding that card the extra 10% experience first to push it to level 91 and then using the eye spirit will make the card level 92.
Thanks. Great infor agnesi