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Full Version: Dark mono - Artemis / Cat or 150% in 2 rounds
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Hi all
there is a lot going in dark cards for me now, and MH releasing some dark boosters please advise what to use with dark mono

Loki / Odin / GSOD / BAPH / Artemis or Cat (all except heart also dark effect) or 150% booster for 2 rounds/ any one could suggest best option before i will feed'em with stones?
Cat is best, and the the terror isn't an option if you have artemis. on the first turn artemis is down by 10% in dmg boost but on the second turn it exceeds terror by 10% and it will just keep growing and growing until 220% if you can keep dissolving while terror goes away after 2 turns.
Depends on battle. My individual experience Felix and, possibly, alien is better than Artemis.

Felix shines when in battles with one less colour which leads to higher combo drops and more dmg, or battles where mobs have ninja colour shield or five colour shield.

Alien has second highest atk of all dark cards, plus his skill can bring over to next stage. Eg. Burst on stage 9 with lower converter and stage 10 with Loki+Odin converter.

Artemis looks good on paper to stack till x2.2, but not practical in real life. To hit 2.2 needs 5 turns. U need to ask yourself, are you able to withstand 5 turns of boss on Gm/sm especially with insane high atk and CD1. Another pt is the first turn to take a hit for Odin low hp. Some of us, including myself, takes that chance to dissolve away misc runes while keeping more dark hearts and light, so as to prep board for the full burst and aiming for 15-18 darks. Dissolve away dark may lead to lesser atk runes on the second turn. Artemis is also ineffective vs mobs that ignore stat control.

Apart from these cards, consider some other options too -
1. Endor pr. Use with Fox u-turn for insane burst. Plus the unscramble turn is perfect to take hit for Odin low hp.

2. Second Odin. Use first Odin with Loki as combine skill then second Odin as low hp multiplier. Useful for cases where stage 9 need a converter burst and no way to grind on stage 10, eg 15k dmg CD1.

3. Lu bu. For bosses with very high hp, eg 3mil or insanely high atk that cannot be taken eg 20k/30k. Lu bu can easily wipe off 800k+ hp for 3mil hp boss, plus at the same time bring down ownself hp even more. Perfect for Odin multiplier skill.

The more cards u have, the more options you got. On the long run, it's good to invest and max every card.

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Cat squad generally better in doing 1 time high burst as Shue249 mention.
Terror series best for 2 bar boss and if you facing 2 stage which need to burst.
Greek actually very good booster in defensive setup.
For examples Dark terror GM which many said stage 3 is defensive deck killers.
If you use Artemis and isabel it can pass stage 3.
Be creative as every boosters card have its moment to shine.
Thanks friends for this really great tips! I'm lacking isabel, but definitelly will try this odin/lubu Wink!