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Full Version: What kind of deck should I aim for?
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So, I got some really good draws.

Dark DS
Earth DS

But I'm still not sure what do do, as I can't pass 13-4. At least, I think it's 13-4. [The Second Seal - Save the World].
So, can anyone help me make a deck?

Here is a list of my cards:
Dark DS
Earth DS
5* Duncan [=) ultra evolving]

And sadly... that's everything above 4*.

Everything else worth mentioning-

My current Earth Mono is
5* Duncan
Water to Heart 2* Converter
Heart to Earth 3* Converter
3* Werewolf Dodgy
2* Witch Dodgy

I would put Earth DS in, but not enough teamcost. Ah well. I'm sure someone could do much better. My biggest regret is evolving duncan too soon dammit that teamcost Angry
Your main prob here is your initial draw for leader. DS is not a good leader nor a follower for those with low card count.

My suggestion is to do resets for a good leader for low lvl player. Try searching this forum for guides on good initial draws and how to utilize them to their full potential even with a noob deck.

P/s i was lucky last time resets on dark week got soo many dark cards for a dark mono including 4 loki cards on my way to seal 5.

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Dark DS is a good card, but probably more for a late game deck when paired with Water DS with the right converters in the deck. Earth DS has been eclipsed by Nidhogg and I don't see her making much of an appearance in dragon decks these days.

A reset may help since you've not cleared seal 2 yet, but if you wish to push on, that's not impossible. Just have to level up more and draw more cards to build a stronger mid game deck. I won't recommend mono at seal 2 stage as you won't be able to get converters to have a low enough cd and so run the risk of running out of attacking runes frequently. Also, limited ability to burst with no booster cards. You might want to try a makeshift rainbow deck to bring you through the early part of the game while you draw more cards to see what better deck you can form.

Maybe you should post all your cards here for us to take a look to see what other decks are possible.
Damn the 500kb attachment limit.

Dark DS lvl 9
Aquatic Stavro [3* GSOA] lvl 6
Water Salamander lvl 6
5* Duncan lvl 1
3* Earth Gnome lvl 1
2* Earth Slime lvl 1
Earth Werewolf lvl 6
Earth DS lvl 8
Dark Salamander lvl 2
2* Water Gnome lvl 1 x2
2* Water Elf lvl 2
2* Fire Gnome lvl 2
2* Fire Elf lvl 2
4* Earth Paladin lvl 1
3* Endor lvl 12
1* Dark Slime lvl 1
4* Cerberus lvl 5 [Convert Heart->Fire]
Rest are soulstones/evolve materials.

Earth Witch lvl 3

Also, I do have another acc with a Dark ED as first draw, but I would like to use this current account as my main.
Well, I barely finished the second seal, ending with <100 hp and a lucky DS combo that popped 16k dmg.

What do I aim for now? PKoE? A dragon deck?
This is tough. You don't have enough cards to form a proper deck, but it's still very early game, so that will change as you make more draws and get more cards. For the moment, use PKoE as your leader. His x250% attack bonus (as long as you do not dissolve 5 runes together) will be very helpful. Then include cards with a mix of good attack, hp and recovery. I suggest including Duncan, Endor, Cerberus and dark DS/earth DS/GSoA. Don't include more than one dragon as your recovery will suffer. Duncan and Endor are potential cards for late game decks, and they have pretty balanced stats distribution, so no harm leveling them up. They are fantastic in their respective monos or a Santa deck when PR'ed. Cerberus helps with high hp and is a fire card which makes your deck more rainbow which hopefully makes it a bit easier for a beginner player to use. With a Daji ally, this make-shift team should be able to get you further until you can get better cards.

Other than drawing more cards which you need, also level up your cards so that they get better stats. The cards in the make-shift PKOE-Daji deck are all decent cards, a number of which are cards in various late game decks.

I'll test this out.

Since teamcost, my team is
4* Earth paladin + Cerberus + Endor + Aquatic Stavrophore + Light Witch.

Wow. I never knew recovery was so important. It's so easy to heal back after being hit lol. Thank you! <3 Time to farm up for a PKoE. Actually, maybe a whole paladin deck.