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Is there a group chat for TOS on any messenger app?
Is there a group for Whatsapp; LINE; Viber??
If there is pls kindly pm me so i can give u my number and we can start talking nonstop about tos Big Grin
If there isnt reply with ur number and which messenger app ur using.. Ill add u as friend and make a group! Big Grin
I am wishing to build a tos community on chat apps. Smile pls support the idea! >.<
Oh there are lots of group chat in TOS, mostly are guild group chat and i believe most guild use Line chat.

If you want you can join TOS Fan page at FB and spam there, you'll most likely get replies. You can also join the forum guild and access our massive spam chatting @ line chat.

As for your building TOS community on chat app... that is a bad idea, tested and not working. Nothing productive and lots of spamming.
By the way, does alternate client for Line for IPad exist? Because official client don't have normal client for this device. Iphone version is horrible with default resizing of ios at ipad screen.
There is a whatsapp group. u can pm me your number if u want to join......
Ithink when u use line in ipad itll be the same setting for iphone... Ipad is like a giant phone... Without calling services lol