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Full Version: pr skuld or pr sean?
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hi guys,made a mono fire but im still in doubts what should i chose between pr sean or pr skuld(got em both)
so my team would be: tyr,pr sean,pr gsof,cerberus and achilles or tyr,pr skuld ^^^^^^^

i also got fire ss duck,santa,qoh (in case u guys could help me building this team)
i prefer skuld for fire deck as i dun have the skills to clock good combos while sean for santa deck
PR Tyr should really go with PR Skuld, the time stop and deal 200% damage is better then PR Sean. Her stat is better and SHE IS FEMALE!!!

Who doesn't like gals in their team lol
I think Sean is better generally for one simple reason: CD 10 vs CD 15
CD 10 is useful for Armstrong team, which I will make if I ever get my Taurus to skill 10 Tongue

Sean and Skuld are both insane for bursting. Sean I get to use more often, and it can create fire runes when there are none to get you out of a bad-luck rune situation. I run into those even with dual Tyr and Medea lol.

My record is close to 4 million damage with Fire Ds, Tyr, Magness, Sean, activated in that order, and Medea. My team is not even fully leveled, lol

Skuld is useful in certain situations. For example, I just realized I can use her to beat the tetris puzzle of GSlime 8>)
thanks all for those who answeredBig Grin