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Full Version: is wen zhong a good starter god?
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I got him during the last draw event, and blue is my favorite color so I'm happy (I have molly), but I also rolled a freyr. I'm really liking zhong , but wondering if I'm wasting my time? I don't see anyone talking about that it new? Also what would be a good early light monster? Keep in mind I'm rank 40.

One more question, what is the heart breaker for water and where can I get him?
He is good, but isn't really very newbie friendly. If you can dissolve water + light + one other colour + heart per turn then please use him. If not then freyr might be more suitable for you.

And by heart breaker, do you mean cards that turn other runes to heart?
IMO Wen Zhong is a good card, and gives you access to the Water-Light fusion deck.
There is a discussion on Wen Zhong:

That being said, read this too:

And what do you mean by 'heart breakers'? Do you mean the cards where their active converts Heart runes to other attributes? If so,the water attack mode converters are GSoA, Captain Ice(he's called a Dual Shift converter, which means he changes Fire runes to Heart runes,and Heart runes to Water runes).

By the way, read this if you haven't:
Fight Mode converter (Heart ->Water) for Water is the Great Schema of Aqua (aka Aqua Novice/Rassaphore/Stavrophore). It's farmable on the 5th seal water island, appears randomly on lower water stages, can be obtained from friend seal or diamond draw.

3* water gnomes which drop from 4th seal island stages and upward have the same ability and can be used as a temporary substitute for GSoA or used to skill level GSoA.

Other converters (both diamond draw) are Pisces (aka Catula&Ravniss) who can convert any rune to water, but the number of which depends on CD and turns passed, and Treasure Hunter (aka Captain Ice) which converts heart to water and fire to heart.

EDIT: lmao typo. Thanks [SG] Username.
^ fire to heart*
Thanks! I can match well because I've played a lot of puzzles and dragons, so I'm excited. Yea heartbreaker is hrt to wtr, ie you're breaking the hearts, its a pad term.