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Full Version: what shield lubu/john can't break??
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can they do direct damage to shield like enchanted??
Lu Bu goes through any shield, just like PKoD.

John doesn't break any shield and doesn't ignore defense (except for shields that don't apply to active damage.)
Lubu cuts through every shield because he deals damage by reducing a % of the HP of the enemy, not via direct damage.

John on the other hand deals damage via direct damage, which unfortunately doesn't disregard anything, except element
Invisible shield. Blocks everything including verdandi. U just have to wait until they att u.
Invisble shield can be broken past,as of now by damage dealing active skills.
Lubu breaks through the new invisible shield.
Well, Lu Bu breaks everything, unless of course he is skill locked. You'll need PR Valk for that.
thanks guys, lubu so badass in TOS as well in dynasty warrior game lol
John + egyptian gods break through tumbler shields, but not enchanted or puzzle.
lubu + pkod will ALWAYS work

basically if you can deal damage by spinning 3 normal runes (assume 0 defence), john + egyptian gods will deal damage.