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Full Version: do you guys hunt eternal grim or BH??
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i'm otw maxing slimes for my pollux and it's almost time to evolve those slimes, do you guys hunt eternal grim or in BH?? seems wasting keys from BH but hunting in wild is rare as hel llol
I used to farm for them,when I didn't have a guild. Now I'll only farm when I run out of keys,or when there's -50% stamina on the dark island.
I generally farm grims as I need them when its either 50% stam or seal card +100% drop.
I only rarely turn to the black hole if I am particularly frustrated with a crapshit drop rate and I really need to evolve the card in question immediately.

Only the Joker is really worth using keys for... since his drop rate is horrible during saturday battles.
-50% stamina would be the best option. (Or just use BH if you want to make it fast) #patient
According to Max skill Gemini table you also need witches and gnomes right?

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gnomes are just for leveling the witches, 2 witches + 3 slimes can easily up 1 slime to slevel 4 ,lv5 if lucky
@@ I usually use black holes for this... never got time for the other methods..