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Full Version: What would be the best setup for Diablo team now?
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I have all the newborn elves, Queen of Hearts and Elf Queen.

Just wondering is the best setup now to include the Queen of hearts, therefore only have 2 newborn elves in the team, and ally Maguerite?
I´m more into excluding Saruman. The only weakness is to run out of hearts and the Queen helps with that. That will be 3 elfs + Elf queen + Saruman.
But saruman has good leader skills.. Hmm..

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Actually, you can substitute Saruman ally by Yihdra or Queen bee, same 200% rcr. That way you only need 2 more elf eggs, and can include queen of hearts and elf queen(5 elves so still get tumbler effect).
IMO it is the best set up right now with queen of hearts.