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Full Version: where can i farm starters??
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do they appear in those 5 elements map or just the enochian tower??
I found my Nathaniel on 6th seal island light island.
They are quite rare and don't always drop ...
Save your friendship points and draw them out when you have a lot.
Found my Sean, Duncan and endor from there
Increase draw chance in friend point seals is the best way.
Prefer from friend point seals..
Friend Point Seals is the better way instead of wasting stamina farming stages (except you do it for another purpose)
Got 2 Molly from there, may Lady Luck bless you Smile
Friend point seals. Unless you feel really lucky and want to try your luck in getting one. Imo the spawn and drop rate for starters is like farming elite stages for boss cards.
thanks guys , haha saving them now, cause I watched a video just now, he drew 3 starters from friendseal during friend seal week 200% starters. waiting for this day to draw
btw can anyone confirm which seal those 5 drop at?? wanna try to farm it when I'm free. does it appear only on last seal or all seals??, and must it be from the "unleash seal" mission or any mission in any seal thanks
Any in the centre tower.
so spamming first seal is the best then?? since lowest stamina

btw any idea what's the last two??

天界的門廊#大地給予庇佑 , saw these from chinese wiki
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