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Full Version: pr gsoe
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Hi. Not sure if this thread should go here or not but does anybody have info on the pr gsoe battle?
Translating from the Chinese wiki.

Round 1
No.110 Wolf Lush×4
ATK 208 CD 2 HP 2404 DEF 20
No.110 Wolf Lush
ATK 208 CD 2 HP 2404 DEF 20 Direct Attacks Deal No Damage

Round 2
No.182 Little Medusa×3
ATK 660 CD 2 HP 3636 DEF 20 Turns Heart Runestones to its Attribute

Round 3
No.183 Medusa×2
ATK 810 CD 2 HP 7272 DEF 20 Poison 20%

Round 4
No.012 Archdruid Duncan
ATK 9999 CD 2(2) HP 10 DEF 10 Heals You 6000 HP

Round 5
No.184 Medusa Fatale
ATK 5025 CD 3 HP 16362 DEF 20 Can't Be Damaged Until First Attack

Haven't tried it myself though. No GSoE of my own, lmao. Hope this helps though! Good Luck!
Ah thanks(≧∇≦)b