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Full Version: some questions
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which card need this to evolve?? Till now all my fiend cards only need the second and final form clown

2) what is so special about PR verdandi skill?? isn't it just the same like normal verdandi life sucking skill?? or does it last throughout the entire battle?? Also what is the meaning of " Superimposed thrice" here??

3) please explain PR valkyrie skill ,what exactly does it disable ,need some examples

thanks a lot
1. That is currently unused as an evolve element,can be used to level up valkyrie's active though.

2. PR verdandi's active ignores EVERYTHING. Special shield and all are useless to her. 5* verdandi ignores def but special shields are blocked.
The superimposed means that her skill can stack up to 3 times.

3. PR Valkyrie removes any skill that causes your actives to be locked, like skill chains. She herself is unaffected by the skill lock. However it does not work on mobs that reset your skills, so becareful. Shes a very situational card, like PR verdandi and PR idun.