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Full Version: Levels of Power Release
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What are the minimum levels that are able to pass the PR stages for each cards. Which are: PR Starters, PR Fate Sisters, PR Norse Gods and PR Schemas. Can any one help me?
The minimum requirement before you would want to try to PR is to be able to tank at least 1 hit from all the mobs.

It would usually be at least a level of 70 and above.
ok thanks. by the way, I see you on the Q&A and Deck Builds part alot. Not saying it's bad but maybe it's juts me.
Some PRs need higher or even max level than the minimum level required to survive a hit. For example, GSoL's PR's final boss requires, at max level, 3 sets of light runes to bypass his defense and kill him.

Therefore, I advise you to max level your cards before PR, as it is always easier this way, plus, you are not losing anything this way.

Of course, the easier and more straightforward PR battles (starters) can be easily done at level 70 or so, like mentioned above.