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Full Version: Power release question.
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I've just Pr my beast card, my first Pr card, and I've got question.

1. Do I have to fight with only one card in a Pr stage?

2. What if I couldn't make it. Can the card Pr? Because I spent few diamonds in the Pr stage for safety, don't wanna waste 30 stamina. Or if I die in the stage. Do I have to play again with 30 stamina?
1. Yes.

2. Nope,if you fail the stage,you'll lose the 30 stamina and your card will still remain the same before you went in.
OK Thanks
Summore your pr material will remain the same..
My card skill level still remain the same if I power released it?
If it was max skill at skill level 10, and the power release changed its skill to skill level 15 for example, your power released card will be skill level 10, not max skill level anymore.
If for example, you have accumulated enough battle experience to hit skill level 12, your power released card will hit skill level 12 after power releasing and feeding of any experience cards.