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Full Version: First Draw, unable to restore using Titanium Backup
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Guys, I am new to this game. After playing for a few days decided to reset the game to get a better starter card.

So, after resetting, i play through like normal up to the point where the game asks me to draw my first seal card using 5 gems. Then i exit the game, and log back in just to make sure all 5 gems are there. After that, i back up the game using Titanium Backup (my phone is rooted). Then i proceed to log back into the game and draw my 1st card. The problem is, when i tried to restore the game back to prior to my 1st draw, it simply doesn't. The restore procedure was successful, but my account was still in the state after i draw my 1st card. I even tried wiping the data, made sure that the game is reset and restored yet again, but the result was always after the first draw. I have been doing this for the whole day. Anyone had this issue? Any solution? Appreciate the help.
Now I have no knowledge of how this works,but I would think that your account data(and everyone else's) is kept on MH's server. So backing up won't work.
Also,if everyone could do what you did and backup before a diamond seal,there'll be no more complaints of dupes :p
No solution. T backup only recorded your account id. Unfortunately, the draw is registered on MH server side. This means, upon doing the first draw, 5 diamonds are deducted and a new card is added to your account at the server. Upon subsequent restores, the latest account information (diamonds and inventory) is pulled down and put into the phone based on the account id.

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it won't work , i've tried it before as well, all your data is synced to their server thus you need internet connection when playing. if everyone could do this then I can keep restoring to get the draw I want haha.

it is useful if you don't wanna bind your account to facebook/twitter, since the only thing the backup does is backup your game ID so when you restore it MH server syncs back the data associated to your account