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Full Version: Cannot update US English Server to Version5.0
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I have no clue as to why MH has taken off the English Server from the app stores, it just forcefully screws over the English Players. Up until now I usually resolved my problem by going to App Store>>Updates>>Purchased>>Search ToS>> tap open button: to update it since I normally cannot update it like my other apps, such as Facebook. I have $2 in my iTunes account so I can't change countries because I would lose that money, consequently I don't have a credit card to make a new iTunes if to change countries. Therefore with limited options, I am stumped on how to resolve this issue. I am on ios7 and I have my lvl 90 acct binded to FB. I have access to the internal files. I hope I have sufficed enough information and and Step by step advice would be great. I don't want to quit this game...Sad thanks in advance!
I dunno how to help you, I just change the country and it was done. If you don't mind losing the $2, then you should just change the country to update the game.

Sorry didn't help much.
Thanks spikes. Today I changed countries with a friends Apple ID and it works. Thanks for responding though Smile
And I did update it on my sister account by App Store>>Updates>>Purchased>> Search menu for ToS>> pressed the open button and that worked. Maybe it seems like other versions besides Chinese will get a delayed update available, and it may take a couple days depending when the summoner lives.