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Full Version: best way to get experience
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I'm currently in the low 60's and trying to level up to increase my available team cost, and hopefully get to a high enough level to join a guild. Over the weekend I basically run as many golden day / greedy day runs as I can, as they seem to give a lot of experience. Are there any other tricks or something else I should be doing to level up faster?

You are doing the weekend runs, so that's the best way for now. You may want to see if you can join a guild because you will get +bonus to both your exp and gold whenever you complete any stage. The exact % bonus is dependent on the guild level. Lastly, during the week, I tend to either farm Zodiacs for both cards and exp, or follow the +100% exp bonus of the day.
Hm If you're looking for stages that give as much exp as golder / greedy day it would be zodiac.
2 zodiac master runs give 3000exp, costing 30 stamina. 3000 exp is the same as one golden/greedy day master run. So it is recommended to do zodiacs.