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Full Version: diablo and yvette
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so I am currently traning my elf team at the moment and I tried activating Yvette abilty and soul cure didn't show up can anyone help me out with this really want this ablilty when I use the elf team

elf team
diabo lv 24
Yvette (final) lv 8
yhidra (mid) lv 13
isabell (final) lv 21
elf queen lv 14

skill lv for elf team is all lv 4 except for isabell shes 6
Iirc, Soul Cure hidden active has the same requirements as the Norse + Odin active, so you'll need to get your Diablo and the newborn elf that you'd use it with to 50 and higher.
Diablo and the 5* Newborn Elf have to be at least level 50 to use.
oh so they have to be lv 50
No, just Diablo is required level more than 50. I tested with my deck of Diablo (level 60), the water elf (I don't remember her name exactly-Level 1), queen bee(level 26) and Isabelle(level 45).
em2ob, have you really tried using the skill? I tried it but only when diablo and elf at lv50 and above will the elf will show the team skill, lv50 above diablo will show team skill as long any of the elf is above 50.
Okay thanks for the info ill Lv him up