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Full Version: norse v greek v blood fiends
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What is the advantages of norse, greek and blood fiend mono decks against one another and those not mentioned here (eg. Egyptian)?
Greek: Consistently high burst damage between rounds due to massive combo counts. Requires a lot of skill to play effectively. The downside is that at low combo counts, damage output will be very low. And Greek teams tend to be weaker in SM battles due to low recovery and inability to deal with combo shields.

Norse: Much more versatile and flexible with team choices. Can use Odin. Requires synergistic team active skills to generate high damage of bursts. Tend to have higher HP. High damage output even in low combo counts. Often the best choice for SM battles due to flexibility.

Blood Fiends: Able to achieve the highest amounts of base damage but requires the constant consumption of runes. This allows blood fiend teams to sweep mobs after mobs each turn. The problem with bloodfiend teams are very low HP (most pure bloodfiend monos have 3 fiends in a team). Another problem with bloodfiends is the difficulty in storing CD (too high and you kill all mobs, too low and you have problems taking out all but one mob).

Egyptian: Only good against single element enemies. They are useful as followers for resetting the board however.

200% Atk/150% Recovery: Poppy, Circe, Carrie etc. These are good as leaders for extremely high recovery at a sacrifice of a lower atk. You can go with 2 of these guys (for very high recovery but low atk), or match with 1 PR Norse (good recovery, good atk). Use this over dual Norse if you have problems surviving. (Note that this is better used as ally rather than leader if are planning to match with your own PR Norse so that you can use Odin.)
I think norse requires more skills than greek though. greek always boils down to luck
imho, norse gods can dish out pretty consistent damage due to its dual 6.25x bonus. In cases when you are clearing the board of useless runes, you are able to control the damage output on weak monsters.

Norse decks also have very consistent high end burst damage, due to rune converters and enhanced rune converter. Average user with dual PR norse or loki/daji can dish out 800-1million damage with board clear.

Greek gods have high bursts with good rune recovery. However, if the skill of the individual is average, the lower number of combos and the problem of lower board clear will not enable sky drops for damage burst.

Greek gods also have the ability to achieve higher combo counts due to confirmed enhanced rune skydrops. this makes PR starters a good team member in a greek team.
Somehow they nerfed Greeks quite a lot.
Nowadays only 50% chance to do 10+ sky drops combo which is not very good any more.
Wong Ah Neh: still a 50% chance to do more than 10 combo is quite decent, which is half the time you get to do at least 2.5x the damage. i do think a very high skill cap is needed for greek teams

Ixidor: mono colour blood fiend teams (RGB) with 3 fiends do a lot of damage, but i do agree with the low hp as a result of this team. Don't they have better recovery than other mono teams due to the nature of fiends(excluding those with multipliers for recovery)?

KopitiamCorner: doesnt both greek and norse deck do about the same damage if they are trying to clear board of useless runes? the chance of greek deck getting extra combos from clearing useless runes is much lower if you are not actively seeking to clear colour specific runes, or am i wrong with this assumption?