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Full Version: Michael Lucifer - 6th seal
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Hi all!

im going to try(or rather complete) 6th seal this weekend, but ive been looking around and asked other people but it seems hard to come to a conclusive answer as to what is ML's ability as the boss.

I understand that it converts Dark-Light when he is light form, and vice versa when he is dark form.

That being said, his ability has a description of absorbing when u burst runes of his color, ie. light when he is light, dark when he is dark.

So will really appreciate it if the following questions could be answered so i wont go in blindly! :/

I'm a light deck, so i dont think fire,water,earth would apply here.

1) Can he be damaged on all rounds by a mono deck?(Unlike diablo)
2) If i burst light when he is light, how much damage would he absorb? I should still be doing full damage right?

Thanks so much for the help guys!
Yes he can and to beat him faster use Apollo Greek deck
when you first enter, he is on light mode. this means if you dissolve light runes to hit him, he will absorb your hp. once you move your runes, he will change all dark and heart into light runes and same thing, if u dissolve light runes, he absorbs.

after you move (or waste a turn), he will hit you and change his attribute to dark and changing light runes to dark runes. since you are using a light deck, you can choose to burst him down at this point or wait til the next turn.

video to illustrate (credits to the uploader) :
Simple terms , either hit him dead by 2 turns or have massive recovery to heal back..

long time ago i beat him using a underleveled team so dont worry , he isnt even half a piece of cake .
Screenshot ur team
Thanks so much for the replies!!

Seems easy enough but I'm not sure if I can last till turn 3 though.. My team is griff(l) max cd minamoto max cd gsol pkol leo ally should be pr Thor all max level. Would it be passable?
he only hits for 4500. as long as you dont dissolve light runes while he is on light, your team is able to survive one hit. not to mention, you can just dont dissolve runes and allow enemies CD to drop and take a hit.

ML is not that difficult, is the mobs in front of him that is more dangerous.