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Full Version: team for the 3rd seal
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Anybody beated the 3rd seal?
what will be the best team to beat the third seal?
Anybody have some suggestions?
I used my beast team to beat the third seal.
It would be the best if you could post a picture of your inventory here, as many forumers up here would be willing you help you form a team for third seal.
Overall a random team with an average level of 40+ and a strong ally would really have a high chance beating it in my opinion though Smile

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If you have a 5* idun ally or leader, use it. Any team with decent recovery will work. Its a near guaranteed pass for Odin.

Odin hits for 3.9k every 3 turns. Idun's leader will heal through the 3.9k dmg before then, so as long as you dissolve runestones every turn, and have a min hp of 4k, you essentially can never die.
Downside is that you would have to grind a bit but shouldn't take too long either, maybe about 20-25minutes tops.