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Full Version: Help please? Ability Clarification
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Just some card abilities I am a little confused about:

Wukong: Enemies' Defense becomes zero for 1 turn
Is that the turn that I activate it? Or the turn after?

Cateua & Ravniss: Turn previous no. of turns (must dissolve Runestones) to same no. of Water Runestones; 7 at most. Counting resets when skill activates
So I play seven rounds, then activate then, then other runestones turns to water runestones? Is that how it works?

Verdandi: Absorb all enemies' HP as much as your Self Recovery every turn
Is that enemies currently alive and in front of me?

Molly: Add 3 rows of Runestones; extend time for moving Runestones greatly; increase Water Attack
Where do the rows come from? Do the original 3 rows at the bottom vanish and 3 more come from the top? How does this work?

Novalis: Dragon Attack becomes 0; Add Dragon Attack to Self Attack by dissolving Dark Runestones until the skill is reactivated or GAME OVER
So, if I have any dragon cards along with this, all the damage from my dragons go to this one card? What is a situation where one would use this hypothetically?

Thank you in advance!
-a noob
Wukong: Yes, the turn you activate it.

Verdandi: Yes, enemies alive and in front of you. This skill will ignore defense, but not enemy skills.

Molly: The top screen with the enemies + your cards moves up to accomodate 3 more rows on your screen. You can look for videos of people playing with Santa decks to see this in action.

Novalis: Attack stats of all dragons goes to zero, and base attack of each dragon is added to Novalis's attack. Since Novalis is dark, you can now only attack if dark runestones are dissolved. Dragoness - Ursula can make every dragon's attack the same as the highest attack of any dragon for 2 turns, so having Novalis+Ursula active at the same time means hitting the enemy for 6 times your total attack for 2 turns max. Using Novalis and Ursula in combination is the basis for a lot of top-tier dragon decks.

Not sure about Cateua& Ravniss since I don't have her.

EDIT: Checked with a Cateua& Ravniss ally: Let's say, you play 9 turns until her skill can be activated (at Skill Lvl 5). If you use her then, 7 runestones will turn into water runestones, because that is the max possible.

With a lower CD Pisces at, say, CD 3, you get 3 runestones when you use her immediately, but if you wait 2 more turns to use her skill, then 5 runestones will turn into water runestones, up to a maximum of 7. And so on and so forth.

She tends to transform fire and heart runestones before anything else.
I am pretty sure transformation will convert 8, not 7 at max since I have capricorn.

Also the counting starts at the beginning of the battle,regardless of your skill's CD.
As long as you dissolve rune for 7 turns, you can convert the maximum amount of runes, which is 8.
Court of Pisces - CateuaRavniss

Active Skill : Turn previous no. of turns (must dissolve Runestones)+1 to same no. of Water Runestones; 8 at most. Counting resets when skill activates

If you activate her at :
3rd turn, you will get 4 water runestones. (3+1)
7th turn, you will get 8 water runetones. (7+1)

Hope it helps regarding on her skill .
Just to add..
Court of Pisces - CateuaRavniss

There is a pattern of the chances of runes being converted.

If it's pisces, it will convert
Hearts - fire - earth - light - dark into water elements.
Randomly it might not follow the order. but that happens only 1 out of 10 times.

So, if you have pisces and maybe GSOW, u can use gsow first, then use pisces to convert hearts then convert more runes. Because if u used pisces first. it will convert all the hearts first, before it convert any other elements..

Same goest for domon.

Domon's pattern should be
Heart - > Water -> Fire -> light -> Dark

Try it out.