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Full Version: Pollux - Swordman of Equinox
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After a brief restart, I pulled this card "Pollux - Swordman of Equinox" out from the diamond deck. Hmm... An use of this?
Hes an incredible upgrade over GSOD for a dark mono, if you have him, a dark mono might be advisable for your account.

Also he is a better leader than PKOD for a Crescendo-Enchantress team.
Man, I felt dumb after under-estimated him ><
He is also the only one with defense mode ex in the game right now Big Grin
So I can level up his skill with dark slimes? Big Grin
actually, do note that 4* slimes have defense mode ex as well, and thats the way you're gonna max out his skill Smile
Pr gsod might have defense mode ex but that is pure speculation :p
I have a CD5 Gemini... n I tell you..m it helped me huge times during nidhogg...

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Big Grin hi daniel my name is daniel too Tongue and Poullux is one of my favorite cards cause every 5 turns it gives enchanted hearts Big Grin
Pollux is a HUGE pain in the ass. He's a slime murdering machine..
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