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Full Version: fiery stavrophore
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Is this card only available as an seal card?
is there no stage that you can battle for this card?
Fiery novice/rassaphore/stavrophore spawns randomly throughout island battles in the volcano with a low chance of dropping, plus its GSoF form is a subboss for 5-5 in the volcano.

I've encountered the other stavrophores several times in battles on their respective islands, but I don't think I've ever gotten a drop. Got all my Chinese beasts from friend seals/diamond seals, haha. I hear it can be done, though. Good luck!
All of the stavrophores (they're known as ''Great Schemas'' eitherway, fiery stavrophore = Great Schema of Fire) can be farmed and drawed.

Farming :
1. They have a low % chance to appear in ANY stage in their respective islands (For Fiery Stavrophore, Fire island, any stage, about 2% chance to appear)
2. They have 1 stage where it always appears, it's best to farm it here if you could. Although 100% appearance rate, the droprate for the card is still low, about 2%. It will appear in the 5th Seal, the final stage for Fire island in the 5th seal, better known as 5-5.

Seal Draws
1. Friend point seal draw could draw them, at the lowest evolution.
2. Diamond point seal draw could also draw them, at higher evolution level depending on your luck.