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Full Version: What level should witches be for best exp?
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I've been feeding 5 maxed little witches to an evolved witch bringing them up to 25 and then feeding those to my main cards with GSS. Am I leveling the witches too much or not enough to get the best exp for my main cards?
Lvl10/11 only... They earn less xp after that.
So, I should feed 5 level 10/11 witches to my main cards?
Yep. That is how it is.

Lvl10/11 witches
Lvl1 evolved zodiac statue

That pretty much your leveling cards
Thank you, sir. I just beat the third seal, but got my rear handed to me in the zodiac battle. Which of those three gives the best exp?

And what do I do with the PSS?
2** Stars liv 7
3*** Stars liv 10
PSS should be kept and used it along with madhead. Should, but we all know we cannot resist using it lol

Level your elf to 10 and use it to level your witch, it will turn 11 and that is best. If you get a brilliance you will get a level 12 elf which will turn your witch to level 12 so it's still all good
Where do I get madhead? Lol, that sounds so dirty. I've seen it referenced, but I only just completed the third seal.
Are the statues you are referring to the Fractured Guardians?
Yep fractured guardians.

@ralf: i am one of those people who can't wait to use their PSS especially since i don't want it wasting my inventory.
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