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Full Version: Double Characters
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So, I started with Sean and am building him up. But then, from a seal drop, I got another copy of Sean. Should I just build up and second copy and attack with twins or should I just absorb the smaller one into the bigger one (or maybe big into small?).

Also, I started with the Queen of Sarmatians as my first Diamond drop. This looks like a good card, but I can't find much information about her on this site. Is she actually good? Do I need to find her sisters and where would that be?
Some cards good in pair. Sean as i think not in that list, fnd better to feed it to him for leveling his CD.

Queen of sarmantis is good. Dont sell it. Later there very powerful combinations can be made with her ability.
Erm if i were u , i wont sell sean away, and circe is a perfect starter .
[Image: 9919bs.png]
this is my copy, i used it for earth mono as a leader and in santa deck for a big boost.. the only team i do not dare to include her is my dual sirus with enchantress...

if you have more questions pm me here ...