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Full Version: Armageddon passive for PR norse god
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I have been searching for answer for this, but couldn't find a definite answer.

when PR Norse as leader + odin as member, ally something else, do we still get the Armageddon passive, i.e. extra rune drop + increase damage for enchanted rune?

Or Dual PR Norse still needed to get the effect?

If we still need dual PR norse to get the passive bonus, then I feel it kind of defeat the purpose of allowing single PR norse to pair with Odin, as it will make your norse team weaker by not having the passive bonus, i.e. to take the advantage of Armageddon, u still need dual PR norse regardless.

So any thought or answer to this?
You still need another Norse for bonus rune drops same rules apply to all hidden bonuses with pr cards just like you'd need 3 pr fate sisters you'd need 2 Norse gods while it lacks the bonus of extra rune drop having the ability to color change Odin is a good one this allows you to pair with poppy or Circe or Carrie for extra rcv or in tyr's case once Medea is acetic it allows crazy damage with Jackie the bonus really for pr Norse is Odin color change which in itself is pretty good
I was hoping somehow with PR Norse leader + Odin will gives the same bonus as dual Norse. =(

Anyway, thanks for your reply.
If it did it would be too over powered if you could pair with a blood fiend and also keep the extra runes that would just end up making things too easy.
can i use normal Loki with PR loki to get rune drop bonus?? or must both god be exact same * ??
(03-21-2014, 11:45 PM)wong93 Wrote: [ -> ]can i use normal Loki with PR loki to get rune drop bonus?? or must both god be exact same * ??

Both must be same * level ie 7* with 7*