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Full Version: about 12 zodiacs card
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1)for the evolve item, must I play at the card's respective stage??
for example I have Hertz the Spirit Walker from diamond draw

must I farm earth astralist and fortune teller from the stage named " Royal Court of Sagittarius"? or can I play other stages to get it??

also which stage can I meet these 2?? I just played apprentice level and didn't even meet any of it

2) Are the 12 zodiac farmmable by playing these 12 levels?
1) for the evolve item (attribute astralist), you just need to farm at the respective color. For the fortune teller, any stage will have.

2) Nope. for now they are drawable from diamond seal only
The fortune teller is available from any of the zodiac battles. You don't need to get it from the saggitarius battle. The earth astralist that you need can be farmed from any Green zodiac battle, that is both capricorn and saggitarius battles can drop the card.

Zodiac cards are Diamond seal only. The evo materials are the only things you need to farm from the island although the other loot is good as well especially the statues for levelling your zodiacs.

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thanks both Smile