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Full Version: Ancient Dragon - Fire Tips
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Hi Guys,

I'm having some problems while playing the master stage for ancient dragon fire, i keep loosing in the middle before the boss stage or sometimes in the boss stage. Any tips?
Currently, i'm using a water team. (Check png for team) Ally sometimes would be Elizabeth

What was your plan to deal with them? Because the lions and pyrometallic require you to burst if your base dmg isnt high enough, which shouldnt be too difficult on master.

Is it due to having lesser HP than the dmg of the bosses?
and what's the current level of your cards?
level of cards are important , and show us your cards maybe we can find something else to put into your water
No offense intended but you're level 56 and your team isn't even max evolved yet. You're better off skipping these events and concentrating on leveling your team and your player level until you can clear to seal 5.