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Full Version: Which would be the best combination?
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Sorry guys, I know I've asked many times, but there are still issues that makes me doubt about my currently planned team. So,

A) 1 Paladin + 4 Fate sisters:
- PKoE(L), Idun, Skuld, Valkyrie, Urd + PKoE/Fox queen Ally

B) 3 Fate sisters + 2 Paladin:
- PKoE (L), PQoW/ PKoD/ PKoL , Idun, Skuld, urd + Fox queen/PKoE Ally

c) Full paladin team:
-PKoE (L), PQoW, PKoD, PKoL, PKoF + PKoE/Fox queen Ally

Not going to add pure Fate sisters team option, as I've heard that it has high damage and Rec, but low HP.

Out of these 3 options, which one would be the best throughout the game (Mid/Early-end/End, etc etc) and why . I need the most effective team combination, as I might stick with them all the time. Your help in this decision would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Smile

P/s: Thanks for the correction! Sorry Tongue
for me its better to go
Paladin team where in your leader is PKoE and you would switch out PKoF with urd for CC. Smile

oh and btw its Idun. Big Grin
Okay! Might consider your combination! Thanks!

Team 1. Triplet Paladins for 15% Crit with CC + Time Tunnel
PKoE (Leader)
PKoE (i include PKoE ally for pala crit) / Hertz / Fox Queen Daji (Ally)

Team 2. Paladin + Triplet Fate sisters for Sisters bonus damage

PKoE (Leader)

Idun / Verdandi (Depends, if they're in Power Release form, i would pick PR Verdandi over PR Idun for her active to go through impossible defense mobs, and also part of her being an earth card for bonus damage with Urd's active)
Hertz / Fox Queen Daji (Ally)

PKoE isn't a good ally in team 2 since there isn't "Pala Crits" with just having 2 paladins of different element. Hertz and Daji outpowers him in this setup.
I see. The first team sure looks interesting though, but not as easy to farm. I have 0 paladins, so to make a team consist of mostly paladin to me is totally beyond what I have now.

Might go for team 1.

Also, PKoL, PKoD, PKoF, which 1 is better? I know PKoF 's active is rather useless (well, from what I've heard) So, that leaves 2 option for now. Which 1 would be better?
PKoF's active is not useless, but it's not entirely useful as well. He's only needed in CERTAIN stages, very limited usage to be exact, so far i've only seen like.. 3 stages (all from events) that requires him, but it's still passable even without it.

PQoW - Gives you one of the best survivability skill in-game, 5 turns of 50% damage block, very decent againts all kind of mobs, except ''1 hit kill'' types. Definitely a top-notch paladin. Also can be used to form a Tumbler team as leader.

PKoE - Leader of paladins, self explanatory.

PKoF - Useful only in certain stages that requires you to kill more than 1 mob with impossible defense. This is quite a rare situation, and most of the impossible defense mobs these days have about 10k ~ 15k hp, which will be needing PKoE's active to kill them instead. He's not really required if PKoE is present in the group.

PKoD - A good paladin to take the enemy down when their HP is below 20%. There are several argument regarding this though. If you manage to take 80% of the boss's HP, why do you even need him to take the remaining 20%? (Unless you're playing Cancer + Lubu + PKoD team)

PKoL - Just another good paladin for survivability. Provides full heal when needed, but the cooldown isn't very decent. Even a regular 5cd heart converter could bring you to full health when played right. He could form an alternative team of ''double PKoL'' to grind through certain stages with extremely high health, note that the battle may take hours to clear if u play this team, and only useable in limited battles.
For now, before it is confirmed that paladins can get PR, I would advise PR fate sisters. Unless you don't have any Horner to PR the sisters, then make a paladin team instead.
team A
pkoe+pkow/pkol/pr urd/pr verdandi+pr idun ally
with this you can easily get 9 soul stone in transmigration.
team B
pkoe+pkod/pkow/pkolr/pr urd or medusa or isabell+ hertz or pkoe or daji ally
you can pass mid hp boss with trojan.
But dont forget that you cannot mix PR-ed and non-Pr-ed fate for their hidden bonus effects.
What do you mean? Is it like, 3 FS, if 2 PR, 1 non-PR, there won't be 30% damage bonus i assume?

And to all the suggestion, thanks! Never mind, I'll get PKoE in hand first, then I'll plan throughout again.


Hmm. Might be going for PKoE (L), PQoW, Idun, urd and Skuld. Still considering.. PKoD is actually quite useful, especially against crazy bosses. PKoF is fine. PKoL is somehow the counterpart of Idun, Albeit tanker and better ( well, not sure Tongue) .

Anyway, thanks for all the brainstorm!
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