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lag in game?
Haven't posted in a while. Since the last patch, I've been having plenty of lag encountered in the game even though I've put the game settings to the lowest. Lag while spinning, lag while using dc, lag in attack animations, lag while comboing, even lag when using slots.

What else is there that I can do to fix this lag?

I have that now more frequently as well. Disabling the chat function helps for me.

Tried that too, but it doesn't help. Not sure what's going on. Lowest setting and all.

The worst part if you need to use a dc to survive/delay turn/use for damage bursting, I get plenty of breaks in the combo or skipping animations, resulting in low combo points for the craft.

Could it be your phone overheating? I used to have that as the problem a lot; it affected other apps too, but TOS is one of the more resource-intensive ones I have installed.
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Overheating when playing TOS, yes. Otherwise, I didn't encounter this overheating before and my phone heats up really fast. 5 rounds in arena = samsung note 7 incoming. Only since patch 15.

Since patch 14, the game did have lag, but it was minute and I didn't bother with this. This patch 15 caused a massive lag, especially when using high combo teams/active like Greek and Ghroth or cards with multiple attack animations like andromeda or dark lionel. I'd get massive skip in frames like from 20-22c, or when cards like andromeda launches multiple attacks, skipping the animation from green to dark.

These lags are minor, but compared to spinning skips where you'd notice that when you spin, cutting doesn't seem to be that sensitive and I tend to hit on weathered runes when I want to cut more often than not and I'd have to take alternative routes to avoid diagonal spins. DC is worse, shadowfall types have "delays" that when you tap on the screen, you hit those weathered runes when you dont or hit nothing when you clearly see that you hit something. Amulet of reflection, pattern of connection, candy crush dc nets you 2s less on average due to those delays/lag, and I dont even hit the 7k score to trigger conditions. The other DC, I dont really mind, since I can get the 7k score relatively easily to trigger conditions, so I'm not too concerned.
I have the exact same problem. My phone heats up really fast when I haven't even played for 15 minutes. It's getting really annoying especially in Arena where you can't afford a major slip-up. I don't think it's a phone issue since I use it practically the whole day and it's fine. For me, this problem got way worse after this patch 15.1 update where before it was practically nonexistent. Any suggestions or tips are much appreciated.
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I tend to lag when my Machina hit >50%, lol.

...They're taking over my phone. D:

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