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how to use astaroth?
I recently drew it and am leveling it. However, my skill is lacking and I find myself in all sorts of trouble in transmigration. Mainly being too slow to deal damage while trying to recover hp and always being out of light runes for micheal lucifer. Do any pros out there have any pointers on how to spin with astaroth? Big Grin

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I'm not sure if an astaroth team can clear trans.

Anyway to play effectively you need low cd converters or you alternate turns. 1 turn slow down and don't dissolve any attacking runes but get 6 or more combos and heal and then the next turn you should have more attack runes and can dissolve them quickly in order to do more damage and KO everything.

I don't really like astaroth and feel he isn't really worth the trouble and find I can maintain higher damage with a Loki fox team but when I do use it that's how I do it. Maybe other astaroth users do something different I don't know.

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I would say to use Astaroth effective you need incredible spinning skills. Short routes, planned before you start spinning. Its like Sirius on steroids. Low CD converters also help a lot.
Just got myself one to go dual astaroth, but since Im not the best spinner, damage output isnt really great. Big Grin

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I think something like the variant I have in my signature is more forgiving than what you have.

ML-Astaroth teams require absolute precision to function. Any less than that and you get rapidly diminishing returns.
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previously using 3 ~5CD converters, I'd be able to get minimum 4 combo in 0.5s. levels got hard enough that that wasn't powerful enough, and I'd have to spend a round to recuperate as @befuddle described above. This was slower than using other top tier teams so I stopped using him.

I'm yet to see whether the future multiplier for astro, using a booster like ML and spinning consistently with only 2 fast converters will change things up. it may not be enough though as such a team does not leave much room for utility cards, which are likely needed because you don't have time to spin your way through some hurdles (but in a better situation than sirius though which imposes a hard time limit).

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u wouldn't be able to clear trans with astaroth ml. itll be too risky as round 48 with ed will be a difficulty. with michael lucifer turned on astaroth attack will be 0 ( having two astaroth, and another fiend only 3 team members will be attacking) therefore the 15 hit shield will be hard to defeat. and u cant afford turning ml off because thats where most of your damage will be coming from.
Try astaroth pr xi hades hades hades astaroth
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There's more to it than just team suggestions, y'all...
Now I ain't no Astrofag user, but coming from an avid Sirius team user, I can tell you this much. Planning out your rune movements and calculating your timing is key. Of course you'll need patience. Get used to planning every rune spin, count for every possibility, and think more about how to spin instead of how to defeat the enemy.
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(03-27-2015, 01:50 PM)Vasquez Wrote: Now I ain't no Astrofag user

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Lol. 'Kay
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