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can you help me make a deck?
recently, me and a group of friends started playing TOS and we all found it really fun. however since we are all new i didnt have anyone to turn to for advice on how to make a deck. therefore, i decided why not come to the forums and ask the community.

Great Schema of Fire (Level 58)
Metablaze (Level 38)
Court of Aries- Poppy (Level 27)
Randeng The Enlightened (Level 16)

Icetoragon (Level 64)
Captain Ice - Treasure Raider (Level 42)

Jadite Golem (Max Level)
Domon The Boulder Crusher (Level 1)

PR Idun (Level 54)
Ra (Level 10)
Jack The Ripper (Level 28)

Phantomasaur (Level 53)
Spirit Catcher Valkyrie (Level 50)
Little Isabelle (Level 1)

I have a team cost of 48 currently so please keep in mind of the cost and thanks in advance for all the help!


[Image: b79909e5.jpg]
Your cards are nice, really nice actually
However, you can't settle down a team yet.
Who's your starter? Where's the paladin? When you have it keep it don't sell it don't decompose it.
Check out more thread to see what's important cards.
Don't sell anything you draw from diamond seal
Let's get start.
You don't have a proper leader for Rainbow team and your cards elements is scatter all over so the only choice for you to have is Poppy. ( Ra is fine but only with Dark mobs and you don't have converters anw)
I'm thinking of
Poppy leader with 200 att and 150 RCR
Randeng which help you to convert Earth to Heart calling Defensive Converter DC for short
2* Fire Slime is the same with lower CD
2* Fire Gnome which help you to convert Heart to Fire calling Offensive Converter OC for short
Metalblaze fill in cuz there's nothing to fill

The important thing when playing is try to low down the CD number of converter. Gnome Slime Randeng lowest CD is 5, that means bursting every 5 turn to take down naughty creeps.
To low down the CD, you have to feed your main card with mobs with same active skill. You feed Fire Slime to your Fire slime to reduce CD to 10 then evolve it ( the active skill change but the level still same) then feed your main Slime with others slimes (you hunt then up skill lv to 5 then evolve to 2* form) to low the CD to 5 which is skill lv 10. There's thread about it, try to search the forum Smile

Make sure to draw more and come back to this thread, I'll help you keep up Big Grin just quote

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thanks for the lengthy reply appleboy! it was really helpful. well, i dont recall me ever getting a paladin and erm. i kinda sold my starter. what would you say would be my best way to progress now? continue on the islands or instant battle to build up a stronger deck? i really appreciate you offering to help me so please add me Smile [Image: zy9yhy3y.jpg]

EDIT: is a mono fire deck possible?

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[Image: b79909e5.jpg]
If you know how to cut down the CD, it's really useful already.
Yes fire mono for you is possible but I'm not telling it's strong cuz you need better card.
DC you have the best card that is Randeng
OC you should try to draw Ceberus or Agatha
Leader Popoy is nice already
The filler in 2 last spot should be Skuld or PR Sean or Hong Yue or Achilles or Hephatus or Seth or Jackie or even Medusa if you don't have any others.

Those are cards could fit in mono Fire.
Establish a mono now for you is too early cuz you just have one leader and one converter.
Investing in them is kinda risky cuz if you can't draw the others fire cards they would be useless (maybe just Poppy)
But that's your only choice now

I suggest you to farm for Fire slime and Max skill lv Randeng now. Including the team member need to up skill.
Randeng + Captain Domon Aries Isabell.

And btw, you only have those you mention above? Cuz I saw your Idun but you didnt list out
My IGN is Sói

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so i currently need a more cards in order to establish a strong mono fire deck. thanks for the deck advice. i will be sure to take your advice into account!

i forgot to list my pr idun.

so my strongest deck now is DOMON (Leader) + Randeng + Poppy +Isabelle and a fire slime?

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[Image: b79909e5.jpg]
No. What appleboy is saying is ur cards are messy and cant really form any deck right nao. So, he takes some of ur important cards and trains their skill lvl for nao.

And, for me, I dont think u have a good deck forming yet. Maybe wait a few days, get some diamonds, draw some cards and then come back to us??
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thanks for the condensation of information pokey slime. i will try to gain some diamonds and draw a few cards later on in the week. will 2 draws be sufficient?

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[Image: b79909e5.jpg]
Only if they gives u good cards :/
Well, hope for a agatha and a medea/achilles/skuld and ur fire team is good to go Big Grin
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time to start praying Smile
do i have to max my fire team or should i focus on leveling up anything else?

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[Image: b79909e5.jpg]
Give all ur light soulstones to idun. Others just feed them to ur fire team (balance them out, 1max lvl card doesn't win 4 decently lvl cards).
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