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Zhuge Liang - Worth to Draw?
Well i wouldnt say "Draw for Zhuge Liang", i would try for Guan Yu and if you get Zhuge along the way, great.
Personally i have 2 copies of each basic, and will still try for the 3 meta leaders as it is annoying me that two special seals in a row with dick in a box to show leader wise :p

VR: Loki, Thor, Tyr, Elizabeth, Todd, Jack, Jackie.
PR: Greeks, SDoji, Dodo, Aloha, Ra, Sirius, YJ, Saruman, Barbhogg, Inana.
Rares: Chessia, Abraham, Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, Izanagi, Tsuku, M.Chyang, Nobu, Hide, Lynx, Androm, HFD, RH:LYR, YSS, YSC, LuBu.
YogS, Aether, Erebus, Gaia, Luno, Beelz, Samael, P.Sara, Sera, Shuta, Bael, SQuan, QiaoS, Masam, Draco.
i recommend u keep drawing with free diamonds until the seal closes. the upside is that u could get one of the cards. also u will have the satisfaction knowing that u drew as much as u could.

the downside is that u will have no dimes when it ends.

Zhuge Liang is very good when encountering those Combos>X mobs. Also just for fun try LuBu+Diaochan combine skill + ZL skill+ VR Daji skill.... the damage counter goes BOOM

[Image: 38f015c0.jpg]

Egō eimi to Alpha kai to Omega!!
Off topic a bit. Was thinking of crazy hp demon team.

Should hit 50k hp I think.

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